Caution - Royal Mail genius at work

 by Martin Belam, 12 August 2004

So I have to send a CD-Rom to a company of a spare hard back-up of their server web space in case the internet disappears in a puff of smoke. Should I waste the environment by buying something to package it in? Of course not, I can re-use the packaging from one of my Amazon Marketplace purchases. On one side it has a franked stamp, and a printed label of my address. I used a felt-pen to additionally obscure the original stamp, and wrote "FROM:" in large letters above my name and address. On the other side I wrote the address of my intended recipient, and attach two virgin first class stamps.

Imagine my delight to come home from work four days later to find it has popped through my letter box - as having franked the two first class stamps on one side, the Royal Mail dutifully delivered it to the "FROM:" address on the other.

Scan of the envelope that the Royal Mail delivered back to my address


That's happened to me before now - except in my case it was one of those postcards you used to get in CDs that you sent off to be bombarded with more postcards.

Dilligently wrote my name and address on the back, stamp on the front... came straight back to me. They'd even franked the side that was stampless!


I bought a thick black marker pen to scribble over my address when I joined eBay, and discovered the joys of charging for new packaging, but actually recycling some old bit of rubbish.

It's worth the investment.

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