Java powered interactive tube map for Orange phones

 by Martin Belam, 11 July 2004

My copy of London Underground's Tube magazine dropped through my door this weekend. As usual it has some interesting articles about the tube itself - one on individual station designs at platform level, and one on Caribbean tube workers in the 1950s and 60s - but mostly comes across as a rather dull corporate brochure aching to be an in-flight magazine.

However it did have one really neat promotional item - advertising that you can download a free java powered interactive colour tube map to your Orange phone. All you do is text 'Tubemap' to 60835. The download is very quick, and the application is great, you can either scroll around the map, or select a specific station from an alphabetical list. TFL are hoping to introduce it for other phone networks later this year.


I have downloaded this onto my 6600 and it is indeed neat. Good little app!

I got the mag but didn't see this. Shame it's network specific at the moment, there's no excuse for that any more...

we developed this application before tfl did - in fact (official site for tfl) carried ours until they dumped it for their own. please text 'tubemap' to 83248 (standard text plus 25p). best of all it works on all networks and across a lot of phone models. Would love to hear comments about which app is best.

You don't have to give your Address when you buy an Oyster card, but I lost my monthly the other day and when I went to the station they issued me a new one straight away and saved me paying another £200.00

I tried the itagg tube map and my phone just kept saying it was still downloading. How big is the file and how long is it likely to take to load? At £2.35 p/mb download on my phone this could be costly. Please let me know

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