by Martin Belam, 25 April 2004

The latest voting output I've had a hand in on went live yesterday. Eurostars is a chance to vote for the best European footballer of all time, as part of the build up to Euro2004. Radio Five Live will be counting down the outcome of the vote in a special programme before the final of the tournament itself.

In truth, I didn't have a huge amount of input - except to complain about the failure to include Antonín Panenka in the list.


While you're complaining, why sort on first name?

And why the annoying page 1/2 split? I only noticed when checking for the inclusion of M. Henry.

As for the inclusion of Roy Keane above, well, Vinnie Jones or Chopper Harris...

oh, and it's a bit Brit-ocentric, don't you think? Just the sort of thing the Evening Standard would have come up with!

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