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 by Martin Belam, 9 January 2013

Sadly/luckily* for the rest of the world wide web at large I don’t confine my writing just to here. No, sirree. Here are three things I’ve recently had published on other sites…

“Video games: let girls be girls” - The Guardian

“Too many games expect you to identify with a male character. My daughter was thrilled to play a girl ‘just like her’ for a change”

A look at the role of gender in video-gaming, from the point of a parent who has just discovered how much it means to his daughter to be represented by vaguely female-shaped pixels rather than male-shaped pixels. Read the article.

“Why David Bowie’s new album cover is a masterstroke” - The Guardian

“So it’s just a white square with text over an old image, is it? Think again — The Next Day’s cover makes you use your mind”

A lot of people have been non-plussed by the cover of Bowie’s new album, but I think it is bold and unique — something no major artist has dared do before. Read the article.

“The user experience of news”

In case you missed it first time around on this site, WhatUsersDo have republished the essay version of a talk I gave at news:rewired towards the end of last year about designing the user experience of news websites and app. Read the article.

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