Training courses with Martin Belam for January and February 2013

 by Martin Belam, 4 December 2012

I’ve confirmed a line-up of four different training courses that I’m teaching or taking part in early next year.

All are open for booking now, and they cover a range of topics from blogging to digital journalism to the fundamentals of UX to the nitty-gritty of responsive IA.

13-14 January: “How to be a digital journalist” — Guardian Masterclass, London

This hands-on, weekend masterclass offers a unique insight into digital journalism through a series of sessions taught by Guardian experts including Paul Lewis, Laura Oliver, Benji Lanyado and Martin Belam. Through a mix of formal tuition and hands-on exercises you'll get practical advice on digital best practice, learn new skills and gain the confidence to pursue your own projects. Find out more

26 January: “Responsive IA” — Guardian Masterclass, London

“Responsive design” and “mobile first” are the digital buzz phrases of the moment. Both suggest that you should show less content on devices with smaller screens – but how do you decide what to display, and what to hide? During this workshop you’ll learn how to apply the principles of information architecture to responsive design by uniting content, context, and user to underpin a satisfying and successful user experience. Find out more

28 January: “Improve your blogging” — evening training course, London

Blogging has gone from being an alternative means of publishing on the internet to something adopted by mainstream media organisations and companies. Successful blogs have a distinctive tones and rhythm that allow the blogger’s voice to stand out. Aimed at new and aspiring bloggers, or journalists or corporate bloggers dipping their toes into the daunting ‘blogosphere’, in this intensive evening course you’ll learn how to develop that tone and rhythm for your blog. Find out more

11 February: “So you think you want to be a UXer?” — Guardian Masterclass, London

User Experience (or UX) is one of the key pillars of digital design. It is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of disciplines and skills which are relevant to anyone embarking on a creative project that involves interacting with users or simply with a passion for great design. This one evening will give you a taster of the kind of tasks, techniques and skills that the user experience professional requires. Find out more

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