So you think you want to be a UXer?

 by Martin Belam, 14 June 2012

This week I’ve announced another training course that I’ll be running during the summer. “So you think you want to be a UXer” is the first training event I’ve run for Guardian Masterclasses. It will be in the evening of 28 August, at the Guardian’s offices in Kings Cross, London.

The idea behind it is that I often get asked “How do I get into UX?” or “I’m a developer and I’m really interested in doing more UX stuff” or “What the bloody hell is it that you lot do anyway?”

If you are thinking about moving into UX, or investing in an expensive academic course to help you make a career transition, then this evening will help you decide if you are making the right decision. Here’s the marketing blurb:

“UX may not be a label that you'd apply to yourself, but if you're involved in producing digital products – whether personal projects or professional apps – then you may find you're already carrying out some of the roles that a UXer would.

This course is aimed at anyone interested in exploring the principles of User Experience practice. You may have a background in graphic design or software development, you might be a student or professional in a related field. Whatever your motivation, you want to learn more about how digital products can be shaped for people.

This one evening taster of the kind of tasks, techniques and skills that the user experience professional requires will help you plot your course”

The price for the night is £69 (includes VAT and booking fees) and there are a limited number of tickets available for those in full-time education discounted to £49. You can book online.

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