New Guardian app for Android

Martin Belam  by Martin Belam, 8 September 2011

We’ve got a shiny brand new Guardian Android app in the Android market place. It is one of several product launches we’ve got planned over the next few weeks, which makes for an exciting (but busy) time. I’m particularly pleased with the Android app though as it is the first big product launch where Karen Loasby has led the UX since she joined me earlier in the year.

As always upon a product launch, there is a mixed batch of feedback, and as it all happens so visibly now, anyone can follow it online. The usual sorts of additional feature requests are in there, plus people who are confused by the business model. I always find the latter slightly perplexing, after all, we sell the paper at different prices on Friday and Saturday because it is a different product, so why wouldn’t you differentiate the prices of your digital services as well?

A few people have popped up in the comment thread underneath the launch announcement with some comments that are worth cutting out and keeping, including this one which may be my new favourite reader comment ever:

“Guardian: We have released a free app for Android.

Guardian readers: You wankers! WAAAAAH!

I love the internet.”
Guardian Android App screenshot from Eurodroid
Guardian Android App screenshot from Eurodroid
Guardian Android App screenshot from Eurodroid

Screengrabs thanks to Eurodroid because I realised I didn’t have any of my own to hand.

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