Twitter is suggesting I follow dead robots

Martin Belam  by Martin Belam, 7 October 2010

When Twitter launched their 'Who to follow' feature there was a flurry of outcry and much gnashing of teeth at the way the algorithm worked. In my case, it seems on a one-man mission to get me to follow every single possible Guardian Twitter feed going.

Including @guardianrobot.

Twitter urges me to follow the Guardian Robot

Now, I've got nothing against the little fella.

Ken Lim's Guardian Robot

He was great fun when Ken built him at one of our hack days, and he even got to visit America.

But he has only tweeted once in the last twelve months.

The @guardianrobot twitterstream

Surely the 'who you should follow' algorithm ought to take into account some measure of a user's recent activity level before making suggestions?

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