@currybet around the web today...

 by Martin Belam, 26 October 2010

No blog post planned for today, but I have been cropping up in a couple of other places on the web if you need a daily fix of @currybet-related content...

You can find a piece I've written for The Media Briefing online today - "How the shift to mobile is revolutionising online news design". This looks at how the increasing drive to deliver news in smaller formats means a fundamental reappraisal of the news design techniques that have served us on the web over the last decade.

Elsewhere, on December 16th I'll be talking at the third news:rewired event, being held in Microsoft UK's London office. I'll be part of a session looking at linked data and the semantic web, which also features Guardian Datablog editor Simon Rogers, the BBC's Silver Oliver and Martin Moore from the Media Standards Trust. You can see me being interviewed by Rachel McAthy in the trailer video.

Incidentally, I'll also be talking about linked data at the Online Information 2010 conference on November 30th. There I'll be presenting 'Mapping the Guardian's tags to the web of data' with our keyword manager Peter Martin.

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