'What is information architecture?' on Inside Guardian, and talking with Talis

 by Martin Belam, 2 February 2010

No big blog post from me today, but you can get your regular fix of currybetdotnet related stuff elsewhere.

On the Inside Guardian blog I've published the first of a loosely linked three part series of posts about what I do at guardian.co.uk. This post asks the question 'What is Information Architecture?', and gives a very broad brush-stroke introduction to the concept.

The next two parts will have a look at what I believe information architecture means specifically in the context of a news website like guardian.co.uk, and give a more detailed view of the wireframes and research process that went into the design of the World Government Data section of The Guardian's Data Store.

I'm also featured this week in the Nodalities blog from Talis. I've been talking a lot recently about 'Linked Data', both here and on guardian.co.uk, and I'm in further conversation on the topic in 'Martin Belam Talks with Talis'. The podcast features an interview with me by Zach Beauvais, and covers my thoughts on where Linked Data fits with news, both as a tool for journalism and research, and as a resource for the industry.

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