UX London redux video: Jane Austin & Chris Neale on sketching

 by Martin Belam, 16 September 2009

Last week I started publishing some video clips I made at the recent London IA event that presented a redux of the UX London conference. Amongst them I posted several excerpts from James Box's "Wireframes 2.0" session, which covered sketching and building interactive prototypes amongst other things. Today I wanted to continue the sketching theme, with a clip from the evening's final presentation by Jane Austin, Chris Neale and Frances Eida from IG Index.

Jane Austin at the London IA UX London redux

Jane Austin & Chris Neale on sketching

After an introduction from Jane Austin, Chris Neale presents some really innovative ways of using sketches and lo-fidelity prototypes within a business to allow anybody to participate in the wireframe design process. He makes a key point that some of these paper techniques get people away from their computers, and are just "more fun".


In the next part of this series I'll have a clip of Frances Eida explaining the who, how and when of sketching.

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