UX London redux video: James Box on Wireframes 2.0 - part 3

 by Martin Belam, 8 September 2009

I've been posting a series of short video excerpts from the London IA redux event covering the UX London conference. This clip is the third part of the excellent "Wireframes 2.0" presentation by Clearleft's James Box.

James Box presenting at the London IA Mini UXLondon redux

James Box on Wireframes 2.0

This clip moves Wireframes 2.0 on from sketching with pencil and paper, to making interactive prototypes. James looks at the situations where you may want or need to do this. For UX London, Clearleft made available a set of HTML, CSS and Javascript files to help with prototyping which can be downloaded at UX London code goodies.


Tomorrow I'll have more of James Box, covering the conclusion of his presentation.

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