Upcoming Martin Belam presentation and blog training day

 by Martin Belam, 12 May 2009

I wanted to briefly mention a couple of speaking and training events that I've got coming up.

International Social Media Summit

On Thursday I will be at the British Library, and for once I won't be skulking around trying to use it as an office, or be filming people for 'ambush' user testing. Instead I'll be speaking at WebCertain's International Social Media Summit.

My presentation is called "'Teenager finds bat asleep in bra' or How major publishers are using social media to drive traffic'. If you can't get there, then in due course I'll be publishing an article based on the presentation on currybetdotnet.

Learn to blog smart: join the conversation - one-day blogging course

On June 5th I'll be running another one of my blog training courses at The Frontline Club in London.

The day long course is aimed at "'new and aspiring bloggers, or companies just beginning to dip their toes into the daunting 'blogosphere'"

I'll be covering:

  • how to get your blog found;
  • tools and techniques for finding a network of blogs also discussing your topics;
  • how to create a distinctive personality for your blog to aid recognition;
  • how to blog in a way that generates attention and responses; and
  • techniques for solving some of the common problems that your blog will encounter.

You can book onto the course here. All of the course material is exclusive to the day, and isn't available on this blog.

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