links for 2009-05-19

Martin Belam  by Martin Belam, 19 May 2009
  • "I guess I am somewhat optimistic when I look at the way that bloggers and journalists could work together. I’m not saying they have to – but there’s some great work that can be done when we do. Journalists speaking the language of web-natives works for a start. There are many who could benefit from the odd hyperlink and track back. The transparency of links in writing online shows your working out (to use a math exam term) and that you have some respect for the source you are working with. It also provides a way for readers to decide for themselves the areas of your writing they want to pursue further – in other words – added value."
  • "When thinking about your MP you might wonder, ‘Am I getting value for money?’ The table below, showing full expenses claimed in 2008 against participation the current parliamentary session, may help you answer that question."
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  • "Typically, businesses will try to achieve 1st page rankings with at best #1 rankings on Google. With the implementation of Google's new features, SEO experts will need to change their strategies as front page ranking won't funnel in 100% of your targeted audience. SEO campaigns will become more complex with the addition of videos, images, forums, reviews, and time sensitive searches."
  • "I think that Alpha is pretty cool and that what it does it does remarkably well. However, I think the Google generation isn’t going to like Alpha for some of the same reasons that they don’t like federated search; Alpha doesn’t offer instant gratification the way Google does. There’s actually a learning curve, something that Googlers are not used to. Plus Google always give you something interesting to read regardless of how badly you butcher your query. Not so with the narrowly focused federated search engines and definitely not so with Alpha."
  • "Twitter is generating genuine and rapid enquiries. News distribution is more effective and we have lots of anecdotal evidence that it’s not just working for the SEO / marketing sector – Twitter is sending punters through the door of retailers."

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