links for 2009-04-28

 by Martin Belam, 28 April 2009
  • "The self-deprecating British nature and user experience designers’ tendencies toward thoughtful introversion means this is never going to be a group eager to shout from the rooftops. However, it is time for us to ignore the shackles of cultural norms and become more comfortable with minor self-aggrandisation. We won’t get far unless we share confidence in our work, our values and our worth to business, and to do this we need to become more vocal. No one will talk about our successes but us". Some thoughtful responses in the comments.
  • "Yes, I’m telling you that sometimes it’s okay to have fires break out on the Internet. Now, don’t go crazy. I’m not saying that you should go out and intentionally cause a reputation management issue, but unless you blog about nothing but unicorns, puppies and regurgitated SEO, those fires are going to happen naturally. And when they do, there’s no harm in using it to get yourself, your company and your blog a little bit of exposure and some more RSS subscribers. Motrin did. Skittles did. Your world will not end".

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