links for 2009-03-10

Martin Belam  by Martin Belam, 10 March 2009
  • "I stand to be corrected, but I can find no paper which slated the deal at the time on the basis that it would finish off Lloyds, and require more taxpayer funding. The Sunday Times, now so angry, reported excitedly on 21 September 2008 that Sir Victor Blank 'has set out his ambition to turn the combined group into a top ten international bank within five years.' The Sunday Telegraph ran a highly sympathetic interview of Mr Daniels on the same day under the headline 'Quiet American rides to the rescue.' The ever perspicacious Financial Times reassured its readers that 'a Lloyds TSB- HBOS merger looks the best way forward'". Here's the thing - in the good old days, to do his research to get these quotes Glover or his researcher would have had to use an expensive newspaper cuttings database or archive service. Now I bet he just used Google. And so can any of the newspaper audience.
  • "The Mail on Sunday reports that the Crown Prosecution Service has agreed that the zany UFO cult known as the Church of Scientology comes under the protection of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006". Looking on the bright side for a moment, surely it means there can be a renewed push to get people who believe in the Jedi Religion to be treated just as fairly and equally under the law?

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