links for 2009-01-20

 by Martin Belam, 20 January 2009
  • From the comments: "How does the club plan to make thex vote fair? With an open vote, the results are open to manipulation by supporters of other clubs who think it will be funny to vote for what they see as a ridiculous kit. Coventry fans have already set up a thread on one of their forums with a link to the voting page". Leicester City are so going to end up with 'Forever Foxes' on the front of their kit...
  • "The mission of this blog from the outset has been to show people the lies told in The Sun in the hope of turning tabloid readers away from this newspaper. Often we will hear people 'defend' that tabloid on the basis that no-one believes their nonsense. We humbly beg to differ on this point, not least because there are plenty of news outlets willing to repeat their nonsense, and not all of their readers realise that The Sun is the sole source of what they are reading."
  • "Google seems to have quietly dropped the iPhone version of the iGoogle page. The iPhone iGoogle page used to be at, but when iPhone users navigate to they are redirected to the standard mobile iGoogle page at Google said the reason they dropped the iPhone version was because they 'want to ensure you’ll all see the same version' of the iGoogle mobile page. But Google made no official announcement on this change."
  • D'oh the humanity. Whilst running a campaign asking people to shop copyright thieves, the CopyWatch site has been hacked with \/|agra spam. As Ian puts it: "Would you trust an organisation which promises anonymity to anyone who reports nefarious evil bosses - but can’t secure their own website?"

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