The "feelthy" French get hold of The Sun's front page

 by Martin Belam, 16 December 2007

The editorial tone of The Sun has very often represented the epitome of British contempt for our French neighbours. Perhaps the most famous example is 1990's "Up Yours, Delors!" front page.

The Sun's 'Up Yours, Delors!' front page
The Sun today calls on its patriotic family of readers to tell the feelthy French to FROG OFF!

They INSULT us, BURN our lambs, FLOOD our country with dodgy food and PLOT to abolish the dear old pound.

Now it's your turn to kick THEM in the Gauls


They BURNED alive British lambs earlier this year because they couldn't match our quality. They also:

JEERED Mrs Thatcher when she visited Paris to boost celebrations for the bi-centenary of the French Revolution last year

BANNED British beef after falsely claiming it had mad cow disease

BLEATED when we found their foul soft cheese was riddled with listeria bugs

GAVE IN to the Nazis during the Second World War when we stood firm

TRIED to conquer Europe until we put Napoleon down at Waterloo in 1815 and

Remember folks, it won't be long before the garlic-breathed bastilles will be here in droves once the Channel Tunnel is open

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and, bad news Francophobes, it looks like 17 years later the French have an online serving. The freshly re-designed Sun website includes the day and date underneath the logo. The widget that generates it appears to be a traitor to old Albion. Every now and then, whilst the page is rendering, it displays the day and French!

The Sun initially renders in French

It looks like The Sun's conspiracy theories about the French trying to undermine the British way of life were right all along. I fully expect a 'Sun Justice' style witch-hunt to find out which 'feelthy' French fifth-columnist has infected their site.

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