I make Doctor Who news at last

 by Martin Belam, 4 December 2007

Technically, it wasn't even an ambition I was consciously aware of having, but after the weekend it appears that I can now die happy. I was just casually perusing my Doctor Who news RSS feeds, when, sandwiched between news that David Tennant had won a Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland award, and that Andrew Cartmel was going to a convention in the USA, was my name.

Doctor Who news

Thanks to my article on the BBC's Internet Blog about 10 years of Doctor Who on the BBC website, I've finally merited a named mention in the Outpost Gallifrey DoctorWhoNews.com news feed - the #1 fan site for the show on the web.

The post has also been picked up by a German sci-fi blog. When I lived in Salzburg my command of the language only stretched to ordering beer and a weekly travelcard to be honest, but the AltaVista Babelfish suggests the blogger is overly wound-up about continuity issues with the "Death Comes To Time" webcast.

Still from Death Comes To Time

On the other hand, they have put my name on a page headed up by Gort from 'The Day The Earth Stood Still', so it can't be all bad.

German Sci-Fi blog

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