Searching The Sun online - part two

 by Martin Belam, 18 July 2006

I have returned to looking at search on The Sun's online site, as the situation has changed slightly since I took my first look at the site a couple of weeks ago.

At that point England were still participating in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, and it appears that The Sun were using a different masthead design for the duration of the competition, which impacted on the placement of the search boxes that I recorded.

The masthead on the homepage when I surveyed the site was this one, with "Come on England" in the banner.

The Sun World Cup masthead

However, now on the site, in the space previously occupied by the St Geroge cross flag, are two search boxes, one to search that days edition of The Sun, and one to search the web, powered by

The Sun World Cup masthead

There are no other changes to the search - it still opens in pop-up windows and has an infuriating user experience.

I have changed the overall table of features on my summary post to reflect that The Sun does offer web-search, and added a note to my original review of The Sun Online search service pointing to this post.

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