Building An Effective Web Presence In A Large Organisation - Part One

 by Martin Belam, 1 January 2006

One of the advantages of having a break from work, and a restful holiday over Christmas before starting travelling in earnest next week, is that I have had plenty of time to catch up with some of my writing. I've finally been able to finish some articles that had been sitting around in draft for some time, and also to write up some of the presentations that I have given over the last year. I hope to gradually publish these on currybetdotnet over the course of the next few months.

The first of these is a three part article based on my presentation at the Ark Group's "Gaining Online Advantage" conference held in London in October 2005, entitled "Building An Effective Web Presence In A Large Organisation".

The first part looks at how to identify the business needs and audience needs that should be driving the strategy of your web presence, how to understand the internet business model you are trying to achieve, and touches upon how to achieve global branding across a geographically spread federated organisation.

Parts two and three of the article will be published during January and February.

You can find part one here - "Building An Effective Web Presence In A Large Organisation"

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