“Managing ‘Glue’ at the BBC” - my presentation at IBERSID 2005

 by Martin Belam, 8 December 2005

Back in November I visited Zaragoza to give a presentation as part of an English-speaking panel at the IBERSID 2005 conference entitled “Managing ‘Glue’ at the BBC”. It looked at how we use navigation, search and classification to glue together the different content components of the bbc.co.uk website.

At the time I didn’t publish it on currybetdotnet as it referenced some services that were about to launch, but hadn’t yet gone live. Now that the BBC home Archive beta is in a soft launch, and that I know one other project is only a few weeks away from going live, I’ve made available a transcript of the presentation as an article on currybetdotnet. Some of the content, particularly in the area of search, is similar to previous presentations, but there is also a section on some initiatives I consider might form the ‘glue’ of the future, holding together the BBC site in much more user-focussed and user-generated way.

You can read the article at “Managing 'Glue' at the BBC”.

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