Martin Belam at Open Tech 2005

 by Martin Belam, 3 July 2005

I'm pleased to confirm that I will be speaking at the Open Tech 2005 conference later this month, which is being sponsored by

I'll be doing a 15 minute talk entitled "Why Putting a F__k Off Sized Dalek On The BBC Homepage Isn't Big And Clever". It is a fairly light-hearted look at how we changed the homepage to promote the season finale of Doctor Who, and what the audience thought about it. It does contain some serious points though about how to gather feedback when you make changes, how to analyse it, and how to learn from it. However, I'm sure it was my promise that the presentation would also include a gratuitous picture of K9 that clinched the slot.

The conference is being held at the Reynolds Building, St. Dunstan's Road, Hammersmith on the 23rd July - and you can pre-register at the UKUUG site.

I note from the running order that I am on at the same time as is being officially unveiled in another room, and I have a hunch that may prove a touch more popular. Still, if you can't get to Open Tech, or if you get to Open Tech but can't draw yourself away from Metcalfe, Loosemore et al, I'll be publishing it as an article on here after the event.

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