BBC To Splash The Cash Online

 by Martin Belam, 5 July 2005

The trade press were today reporting 'BBC Raising External Online Work Commitment'.

One thing that pleases me is that the department has set aside a fund specifically for commissions from smaller companies - this should help us get out of the situation television is in, where it is open to accusations of repeatedly commissioning from the same so-called "Super-Indies".

The New Media Age coverage of the story carries some quotes from Shar, our finance director:

We recognise that we have a duty to support and engage with a whole range of independent production communities, from mature suppliers to the smaller operators.

On the down side, the NMA also states that:

Improvements to BBC New Media's commissioning structure have been delayed by a period of internal restructuring that will see the appointment of a 'vendor manager' responsible for championing the Corporation's relationship with external suppliers.
Recruiting for this position has still not begun, however, causing concern that the Corporation may not be as receptive to ideas from the independent production sector as it hopes.

However, in actual fact, the Vendor Manager post is now recruiting via, as is the chance to be my next boss.

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