Congestion Charging Expansion consultation

 by Martin Belam, 16 April 2004

Until the 23rd of April 2004 TFL are running a consultation exercise about the proposed expansion of the Congestion Charge into West London. Until then you can read the proposal, and offer your comments.

I'd love to think we could have a sensible public debate about transport in London, but we appear to be dealing with one motor lobby powered voice as the dominant press outlet. If I could just point out what TFL has been forced to issue as a press release this week:

TfL Statement: Response to Evening Standard front page (13 April 2004)
A TfL spokesman said:

Bob Kiley has not been offered any extension to his current contract.

Bob Kiley's contract continues until January 2005. Any announcement regarding any potential extension can only be made after the Mayoral election later this year.

TfL publishes details of employees' remuneration in its Annual Report and to the London Assembly.

Today's Evening Standard is another case of disappointing fabrication, which does not bear any relation to reality.


At the risk of sounding like a serial knee-jerk Evening Standard basher, at least it isn't just me getting annoyed with front pages and billboards that bear no relation to reality.

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