Neil Gerrard MP against entitlement cards

 by Martin Belam, 8 February 2003

I have done my MP a disservice. I used Fax your MP to contact him about the UK ID card issue, prompted by the work of When I got my email from faxyourmp asking whether he had replied, I mailed back to say no. However, two days later I received a personally written snail mail letter from Neil Gerrard, MP for Walthamstow. So apologies.

He wrote:

"I have had a number of responses, and the majority have been against the introduction of such a card. My personal view, which has been reinforced by the consultation responses, is that I am sceptical of the value of an entitlement card. I find it difficult to see that it would not, at some point, become compulsory in order to access some services, and it is then a short step to it becoming a compulsory ID card. I really am not convinced that it would do much to combat fraud, as I have little doubt that criminals would quickly find ways to forge the cards, in which case they might make fraud easier to commit."

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