“Computing’s too important to be left to men”

 by Martin Belam, 7 January 2013

So here’s the thing.

It seems to me that if it turns out that every time someone in public says “Hey guys, it seems like we have an under-representation of women problem in our industry” a few women pop up and say “yeah, I kind of noticed that and it makes me feel a bit icky about the whole thing, also there is a kind of under-lying unpleasant sexual harassment vibe going on” and then they are immediately shouted down by a load of blokes screaming “I DON’T SEE THE PROBLEM” and “WOMEN JUST AREN’T INTERESTED IN TECH / GOOD AT TECH / DON’T WORK HARD OR TRY HARD” or “I GUESS THAT MEANS TOKEN QUOTAS AND COMMUNISM”, that sort of illustrates the whole fact that there is a problem.


My computing hero is Karen Spärck Jones, and she famously had as her motto:

“Computing’s too important to be left to men”

I’m with her.

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