Improve your blogging course

 by Martin Belam, 16 May 2012

As well as my day-long training course teaching how to self-publish with Kindle, I’ll also be running an evening training course in June, on “Improving your blogging”.

Improve your blogging

Blogging has gone from being an alternative means of publishing on the internet to something adopted by mainstream media organisations and companies. Successful blogs have a distinctive tone and rhythm that allow the blogger’s voice to stand out. In this intensive evening course you’ll learn how to develop and improve your blog.

Aimed at new and aspiring bloggers, or journalists or corporate bloggers dipping their toes into the daunting ‘blogosphere’, this course provides insight into:

  • How to create a distinctive personality for your blog;
  • How to blog in a way that generates attention and responses;
  • How to get your blog found;
  • Tools for finding a network of blogs also discussing your topics;
  • Techniques for solving some common problems your blog will encounter.

You will leave understanding:

  • How to use specialist search tools and techniques to uncover where the conversation is happening about your subject
  • How to blog in a way that encourages and generates conversation
  • How to promote your blog posts effectively on social media
  • Getting the tone of your blog right for your audience
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult voices online
  • How to build a consistent online “personal brand” that commands attention

You can sign up via the website - the course takes place at the Friends Meeting House, London on 20 June 2012 between 6pm and 9pm. It costs £95 (+ VAT).

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