London 2012 - as it was announced on the web

 by Martin Belam, 17 April 2012

Tomorrow you’ll be inundated with articles, blog posts, interactives, TV news packages and special supplements celebrating that it is 100 days until the Olympics start in London.

So I thought I’d be different and look back instead

Here are some of the web screengrabs I took on 6 July 2005 when it was announced that London would be hosting the games.

DCMS website Olympic Decision splash

The government DCMS website

London Mayor’s site announces Olympic decision

The London Mayor’s website

IOC website

The IOC website

BBC homepage Olympic preview

The BBC website before the announcement

BBC homepage Olympic announcement

The BBC website after the announcement

BBC lite homepage

The BBC website after a huge spike in traffic meant it went into “lite” mode

Sadly, this is the only one I’ve got of the official London 2012 bid site on the day. Oops.

London2012 Melts

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