Farewell to FUMSI

 by Martin Belam, 4 April 2012

Just a short personal post to say that after four years I’ve stepped down as a writer and editor at FUMSI. I first wrote for FUMSI in March 2008 - “RSS Feeds: Managing the Mechanism” - and took on an editing role later that year, when I lived in Crete. I looked after the “S” in FUMSI which stands for “Find, use, manage, share information”. It gave me a lot of scope to commission articles which I hope helped the audience incorporate new digital and social tools into their work as information professionals, and over the years I’ve helped FUMSI publish articles from the likes of Matthew Solle, Malcolm Coles, Theba Islam, Katie Roden, Jonathan Kahn and Will Myddelton amongst many others.

Behind the scenes I think my main contribution was mostly late invoices, and once bringing our monthly editorial conference call to a shuddering halt when a cat fell out of a tree and nearly landed on me whilst I was Skyping from a poolside bar in Greece.

I’ve had great fun writing and editing for the Free Pint team, and I’d like to thank the people I’ve worked with along the way - Sara Waddington, Susan Farrell, Jody Ridgewell, Michelle Manafy, Robin Neidorf and William Hann. Most especially though I’d like to thank my fellow contributing editors over the years. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Tim Buckley-Owen, Karen Loasby, Marcy Phelps, Joanna Potolemy and Kate Simpson.

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