December’s “Carnival of journalism” is on the Guardian’s Developer blog

 by Martin Belam, 26 November 2011

I’ve only joined in the Carnival of journalism once this year, back in March, when I wrote “News innovation isn't just about writing code, it is about how we use that code to tell stories.”

I'll be much more involved in December though, as I’m helping to host it on the Guardian’s Developer blog. I hope it means that some software developers will get involved too, and I’ve picked a festive theme. This month we are asking people to blog on December 9th on the following topic...

“If you are a journalist, what would be the best present from programmers and developers that Santa Claus could leave under your Christmas tree? And, correspondingly, if you are a programmer or developer, what would be the best present from journalism that Father Christmas could deliver down your chimney?”

Anyone taking part will get a mention in the round-up post on the Guardian site the following week. You can find out more by joining the Google Group.

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