Guardian highlights from SXSW on Tumblr

 by Martin Belam, 14 March 2011

The Guardian has a large presence over at SXSW at the moment, indeed I’ve seen it tweeted that if the BBC had sent a team as big, the Daily Mail would have an aneurism. One of the things that appeals to us is that the event features three areas where the paper has very strong coverage: music, film and technology.

Rather than only sending journalists, this year we’ve also sent some of our technical development team. In advance of going we had a hack day to try out some new ideas - one of which turned out to be our automated SXSW music pages. Part of the purpose of going has been to try out using new tools to cover remote events digitally, and one of the things that the members of the technical team have been doing is posting to Tumblr. Each of them has been paired with a more traditional member of our editorial team to produce a joint feed.

There is a “live” page aggregating it all, and Matthew has also spliced them altogether into one feed - Guardian SXSW RSS.

Between them they’ve been to quite a few panels and sessions that are of specific interest to those working with technology and journalism:

You can follow the Guardian team at SXSW on their Twitter list: Guardian SXSW 2011.

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