"Tags are magic!" series completed on the Guardian Developer blog

 by Martin Belam, 3 February 2011

Over the last few weeks on the Guardian's Developer blog we've been publishing a series called "Tags are magic!". Written by myself and tag manager Peter Martin, it is based on the presentation we gave at Online Information in November 2010.

In part one we covered related links and topic tag pages, and ways to combine tags to make new pages automatically.

The Guardian's maternity and paternity rights tag page

Part two looked at how we construct a taxonomy from our tags, which allows us to automatically drive navigation on the site. It also looked at how setting up parent-child relationships between tags provides automatic tag suggestions during the content production process.

Combiner tags naviation on our travel site

Part three examined how we make sure that tags are useful for our audience by having a focus on one topic for each tag and keeping that focus in line with our editorial tone and preoccupations.

The batch tagging tool in our CMS

Yesterday's final instalment looked at the use of tags to place relevant components on pages, their use on platforms like the iPhone, using tags to fix problematic search queries, and the way we are trying to join our tags to linked open data on the web.

Tags on the Guardian iPhone app

You can view our original slides from Online Information on SlideShare, and you can also follow @guardian_tags on Twitter.

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