Linklog extra: More links from news:rewired

 by Martin Belam, 17 December 2010

I was really taken aback today by how positively the linked data and semantic web session at news:rewired seemed to be received. There was a wave of positive tweets, with more than one person suggesting that their brain had been blown away by the possibilities it opened up. Of course, as we said on the panel, there are plenty of problems with our current data structures and common identifiers, and we need to take care of the production overheads in marking data up. But from the stage at least, the session seemed to go well, not least because of the expert moderation of Kathryn Corrick and her 'hat of shame' for over-running.

Whilst the talk was taking place, I automagically ambiently published all the links contained in it. There were a few other things mentioned during the discussion afterwards and in the presentations, and I thought it might be worth just noting them.

A couple of other presenters showed quite a few examples of things from the Guardian website. Our own Alastair Dant showed the World Cup Twitter replay, 3-way election swing-o-meter, and spending cuts 'game'.

Neil Perkin also showed Zeitgeist, and the MPs Expenses crowd-sourcing exercise.

That was my last presentation of this year - but I've already got two lined up for January. If you are at the Guardian, and I'm thrilled that one of today's key organisers Laura Oliver will be by then, you'll be able to see me doing 'No more us and them' in the conference room as an internal event on January 25th. On the following day, I'll be reprising it at the Leeds Community News Hub.

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