Would you like to write for FUMSI?

 by Martin Belam, 21 April 2010

When I'm not working at The Guardian or helping organise London IA, I'm contributing editor for the Share section of Free Pint's FUMSI magazine.

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I'm currently putting together my publishing schedule for the rest of year, and I'm on the look out for authors. Once a month we publish a collection of four articles, based around the concepts of how to Find, Use, Manage and Share information. The audience is information professionals, with a leaning towards traditional information skills like researcher and librarian.

Over the next few months the topics I'm looking for my area to cover are:

  • Resources and case studies in Sharepoint. Especially case studies in practical ways to make Sharepoint better amongst different working groups.
  • Optimising web content to be shared on social media networks - not SEO or a guide to link-bait, but really thinking about how and why content gets shared.
  • Making the most of SlideShare as a learning tool - an article on using the best features and search strategies is what I have in mind.
  • What do newspaper paywalls and app stores mean for information professionals - I would be very happy to collaborate on an article about this.
  • The mobile intranet - increased use of smartphones is putting the office into our pockets - how does that affect your intranet publishing systems and strategy.

Articles need to be around 1200 words long. Recent topics I've covered include Google Wave, mastering Twitter, building a face-to-face network group and alternative presentation tools to PowerPoint.

If you fancy having a try at writing a longer form article, and want to pick up one of these ideas or pitch something you think would be of interest to the audience, then please do. As editor I'm always up for co-writing and providing guidance on shaping your article. If you are interested, then drop me a mail to martin.belam@currybet.net or DM me @currybet on Twitter, and we can talk about it further.

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