links for 2010-04-29

 by Martin Belam, 29 April 2010
  • "I follow about 90 mostly left-wing fluffy liberal people on Twitter and have another 60-odd LJ friends. Given overlaps, people I don't know terribly well, inactive accounts, minor celebrities, and people in foreign lands, there are maybe 50 people there whom I could legitimately expect to say something in defence of us flocking Eastern Europeans. It took six hours for one person to step forward and say that yes, Gillian Duffy was a bigoted woman and Gordon Brown has been right to call her that. One person. Out of 50. In six hours."
  • "This is going too far. Stop it. We don’t care what idiots like us think about stuff. We’re idiots who know nothing. That’s why we’re not on TV. We need reporters to tell us stuff we don’t know, not feed back to us the incoherent opnions we’ve already got. If we wanted to know what idiots on twitter think, we’d be on twitter. (Which I am, because I am _precisely_ that sort of idiot.)"

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