links for 2009-05-30

 by Martin Belam, 30 May 2009
  • "I think that the format of the discussion neatly reflects the relationship between the mainstream media and those in power. yes, you are allowed to ask difficult questions, on occasion, but in the final analysis the politicians have the final word. There is no follow up, and at least with those at the top of this particular greasy pole, no exposure to the harsh wind of critical questioning. they were free to ignore any annoying query and just get out the party line". You can argue that there is a lot wrong with political journalism in the UK, but at least we are long past the age of deference.
  • We are advertising for a trainee librarian at The Guardian - the only national newspaper to retain a proper in-house library that even has *gasp* books and stuff in it...
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  • "It didn't happen, of course. UKIP proceeded to act rather like a lottery winner who has no experience of managing money and blows the lot in six months. There were splits. Kilroy stormed off to form his own vanity party - no great loss, admittedly. There were expenses fiddles shocking even by the standards of the European Parliament, which in one case has resulted in imprisonment". The Heresiarch makes a point that at least a vote for UKIP is an honest vote on European issues, rather than domestic wrangles.
  • "One final point: I subscribe to the Washington Post’s email news alerts, so I can learn right away about breaking news from Farhi and his Post colleagues. Twitter scoops them all the time. The only time I find the Post’s alerts helpful is when I’m otherwise occupied and haven’t checked Twitter recently."
  • In amongst all the companion excitement, it turns out that David's turn as Hamlet will hit the small screen - including Patrick Stewart for that all important Doctor Who / Star Trek / X-Men sci-fi franchise Shakespearean over-acting head-to-head. Yay!

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