Missing links for 2009-02-11

 by Martin Belam, 12 February 2009

My delicious links from yesterday didn't seem to make it onto the currybetdotnet site. The day when I switch from integrating delicious to publish2 comes closer...

  • "I'm a big fan of news aggregation; even as traditional editors are complaining about being linked to by Google or competitors, I think it's something every news organization should be doing to establish its site as a one-stop destination for everything on a topic, especially local news. Leverage your brand, local knowledge and editing skills to present readers with an aggregated package of stories and information from all sorts of sources–yes, even your competitors–and you'll be performing a service that goes far beyond whatever you can do with your own content". Amen to that. What works well for shopping? Price comparison sites or shops carrying lots of different brands. What works well for search? Entire indexes of content from multiple sources. What are newspapers usually building? Giant silos of insulated content.
  • Bloody hell. I agree with Melanie Phillips about something. I haven't seen Fitna - and it had a clunking review here - but, seriously, a democratically elected MP from a fellow EU state isn't allowed into the country to talk in our Parliament?
  • Do you recognise any of these problems in your own website? What, all of them? Paul Boag nails it in this article
  • The telegraph network, back in the days before that meant being able to chatter with @catherinegee @paulcheesbrough @MarcusWa @alexsingletonuk @shanerichmond etc etc on Twitter.
  • "To summarize: some Wikipedia entries contain factual errors, as do some newspaper articles about Wikipedia’s inaccuracies."
  • "Thirty-one hours sounds like a lot, but the average adult spends 28 hours slumped in front of the television. At least the online teens are actively engaging with information and, more importantly, their peers. This survey shows a picture of some perfectly normal young people using the internet to get on with their lives in a mostly admirable, entirely understandable way. The best thing to do would be to know where they might be, but leave them alone and let them get on with it."
  • "Over the weekend I read an article that included some interesting demographic and traffic stats comparing facebook, myspace, flickr and linkedin, unfortunately they had used US data (not that handy for us Brits) and it was pretty old (July 2008) so I decided to take a look at it myself. Here at iCrossing social (and search) is what we do, so better understanding this area is always of interest to us. The table below looks at some of the key stats for the four social networking sites (unique visitors per month, total pageviews, number of times a user returns per month and how long they spend on the site)."
  • The secret, apparently, behind the "Chaos Defrost" setting on my new microwave. Pressing the button may also have opened a parallel universe and be the reason I found myself agreeing with Melanie Phillips yesterday, but I can't be sure. [via @karen_loasby]

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