Dell's "green" linking quirks

 by Martin Belam, 20 July 2007

Yesterday I was online buying a new battery for my Dell laptop.

Now, I know that what I actually need is a whole new laptop, but in the short-term picking up a fresh battery that lasts more than 45 minutes when I'm out and about will keep me going in internet cafes in Crete for a bit longer.

As I went through the Dell purchase process, I saw something that I've never seen before on the web.

And I don't mean the fact that even though I was in Greece, ordering something with a UK credit card, to be shipped to a UK address, I still had to fill out some form about my intended use to comply with the law in the U.S.A.

At the end of the shopping process, Dell invite you to soothe your ecological conscience - which ought to be particularly ruffled after purchasing yet another a NiCad battery - by clicking through to a project to offset the carbon footprint of your new purchase.

Now, I've seen websites warn me that they were about to open a pop-up.

And I've seen websites warn me that the link I am about to click will open in a new window.

And I've seen (and worked for) plenty of websites that warn me that by clicking an external link I will be leaving their site, and that they cannot possibly be held accountable for what I might find there.

But I've never before seen a link that warns me that:

"By clicking on this link, you will be routed to a server outside of the European Economic Area"

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