Last Rounds project featuring some of my photographs of Tube stations

 by Martin Belam, 21 May 2007

I'm always pleased to see my public Flickr photos being re-used to help new websites, and a little while ago I was approached about using some of my pictures on the "Last Rounds" site.

It is a website that concerns itself with public transport and the pursuit of beer. Seeing as that wraps up three of my chief areas of interest, how could I refuse?


The Last Rounds project began in response to the new later licensing laws in England.

"With all the speculation about how late licensing could affect the London drinking culture, I thought that it would be useful to design a site that would provide vital information for this new late London society.

Since we're now living in this rapidly expanding late night culture, it makes sense that we should also expand our awareness and knowledge of the modes of transport available to us at these late hours.

The Last Rounds project acts as a guide that helps make going out in London safer by encouraging us to plan ahead. It does this by providing key information on local public transport and links, (where possible), to find out even more in greater detail."

The site features information pages on pubs that stay open late, and the stations near to them, which is where my photos of Eastcote and East Putney feature.


Although, presumably, late at night and after a few pints they aren't quite as useful in helping someone recognise a station.

The pictures in question were taken on a couple of trips around the Underground network when I still lived in London. The Eastcote photographs were taken on a trip along the Uxbridge branch of the Piccadilly Line, back in 2004.


The photograph of East Putney, meanwhile, comes from a day I spent exploring the District Line whilst taking a month off from work during 2005.

District Line sign

Wimbledon A Signal Box

Putney Railway Bridge across the River Thames

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