Incongruent sex advertising at Loftus Road

 by Martin Belam, 9 August 2006

I was at Loftus Road last night for Leeds United vs QPR (which was funnily enough the same fixture as the last time I got to see Leeds, just before I went travelling) and I was struck by the incongruity of some of the advertising in the toilets.

Yes, like most areas of modern life, even the gents toilets in football grounds have adverts, usually with a pretty crude humour about them. This was exemplified by one of the three campaigns on display in the South Africa Road stand last night - "You look like a match debator" for TalkSport. (Can you see what they've done there?)

The second of the three campaigns was an anti-rape campaign by the Home Office. One of the posters showed the lower torso of a woman wearing just a pair of knickers emblazoned with a 'no entry' sign, and another implied that if you didn't get a yes before sex your next sleeping partner was going to be a big burly bloke in a prison cell.

20060809_homeoffice1.gif   20060809_homeoffice2.gif

And next to this laudable, if perhaps clumsily executed, anti-rape campaign?

An advert for Sure Delights "Professional and Discreet Escort Agency Service".

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