Searching The Daily Express

 by Martin Belam, 11 July 2006

Over the last couple of weeks I have been evaluating the search services offered by the online editions of British newspapers. Today I want to look at the British paper most likely to feature Diana, Princess of Wales or house prices on the front page - The Daily Express.

From the homepage of the Daily Express search is offered over the web, or over the Thomson Local directory, using a radio button selection mechanism.

Daily Express masthead

The search results feature a title, a dynamic excerpt of the result and a URL...and no Daily Express content.

In fact, the only thing connecting the Daily Express to the web search results is the little crusader figure at the top of the listings. There appears to be no mechanism to restrict theweb search to just pages from the Daily Express, or any advanced search features.

Daily Express search results

Summary of features of search on The Daily Express.

Daily Express - feature summary
Results per page 10
Article excerpt or abstract Yes
Date stamp (day/month/year) No
Time stamp (hours/minutes) No
Article word count No
Navigational or Section information No
Specifies original publication No
Specifies original edition No
Specifies original edition page number No
Results display colour-coded No
Search terms highlighted in results No
Relevancy score (%) No
Destination URL displayed Yes
Sponsored links featured in results No
Site offers web search Yes
Default search Web search
RSS feed of search results No
Advanced search options No
Search by date-range No

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