Persona non grata in my own office already

 by Martin Belam, 5 December 2005

I got quite a shock this morning, and a little glimpse of what next week will be like when I no longer exist at the BBC.

On Friday I had to move desks for the second time in five weeks. This isn't some example of hideous BBC inefficiency, although it is perhaps an example of lack of foresight on my part. We've gained a new member of my team recently, and over the weekend they moved into our little office space, which involved me sidling along one desk.

Unfortunately someone confused the move with me leaving the business, so I turned up at work this morning to find my vital IT equipment removed - no docking port for my laptop, and no network connection. I ended up having to use a meeting room that had a network point for most of the morning to get anything done. Although to be honest, by the end, I quite liked having my own office. It was just a shame the name on the door was "Amelia Earhart" not "Martin Belam" :-)

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