Red Bee Media at the Broadcast Centre

 by Martin Belam, 1 November 2005

I got my first email today from Red Bee Media, or BBC Broadcast as they used to be known. It took a long time to get used to referring to BBC Technology as Siemens, so we'll see how long 'BBCBeee' continues to be the four-letter-acronym of choice to describe them at work.

Red Bee Media announced their new branding at an event within my building the other week, when our open plan office was suddenly blasted by The Killers from somewhere several floors below via the atriums. Yesterday the new logo was draped over the entrance to my work, which was a suprise akin to when I turned up to work to find a huge Olympic logo slapped on the side of the building.

Red Bee Media branding at the Broadcast Centre

Kim has already pointed and laughed, Andrew got confused on the way in, and Blech has spooled about the somewhat-less-than-smooth transition to the new brand on the web.

Still, in the long run Red Bee Media ditching the BBC name will be useful in eradicating the kind of confusion in the public there is about the various commercial organisations that used to be part of the BBC. This post on Points of View was a typical case-in-point.

Oh well, ditch one of the greatest global brands, for a new name that means nothing to anyone and needs to be prefaced "formerly BBC Broadcasting and presentation."

Sounds like good value for money! perhaps the BBC can tell us how much this cost.

Mind you a thought occurs. They dropped the broadcast from BBC Broadcast and replaced it with Red Bee. We work in the Broadcast Centre. Please don't let me end up working in the Red Bee Centre :-)

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