Stars In Fast Cars Gets The Red Card From The Guardian

 by Martin Belam, 28 September 2005

I noticed a design tweak in the way the football results are printed in the new look theguardian which really takes advantage of their all-colour printing. Players who have received red or yellow cards during a game now have a little coloured icon after their name in the team listings. It was really useful, and immediately made me want to look-up and read how Preston had ended up with nine men, and Lincoln City ended up with only eight.

Football results in The Guardian using red and yellow icons to indicate cards issued during the game

The little red icon cropped up elsewhere in the paper as a column stop - but it did make me wonder if TV critic Rupert Smith was issuing the red card to BBC Three's Stars In Fast Cars which he had just savaged.

TV review in The Guardian using the red icon as a column stop

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