Buy More Of My Stuff

 by Martin Belam, 19 September 2005

I've put a second and third batch of items up for sale on eBay. I've moved into shifting some of my music related items. There's an item from my toy keyboad collection, the Monty Python 6 CD set, and a Depeche Mode tour programme from 1987.

One of the bigger items to go though is my vintage Roland TR-606 Drum Machine. It is a wrench to part with that, as it has appeared on many an m-orchestra track - but I need to reduce the sheer volume of room that my 'stuff' takes up in the house.

My Roland TR-606 on sale at eBay

On the music item front I'm also selling my promo pack for Radiohead's OK Computer album. This is still sealed, so I had to actually do some research on the web before I could describe what I was actually putting on sale - apparently it contains a VHS video and the CD album in a polystyrene case.

My Radiohead OK COmputer promo pack on sale at eBay

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