Vote today - Hellfire tomorrow

 by Martin Belam, 5 May 2005

I got up nice and early today to walk down to the Polling Station with my wife on her way to work to cast my vote. I've been taking lots of photos throughout the election campaign for Flickr's UK General Election pool - not, it must be said, to universal acclaim:

I know that politicians interact with the general public as little as possible.


I know that public meetings are rare and that politicians sneak 'sorry you were out' leaflets through your door when you are in!


These are no excuses for the paltry and mainly static collection of pix of election leaflets and the like here

Clive Power - "What dull pix - Action/street shots needed!"

I wasn't sure though what the legality was of taking photographs in and around polling stations, so I erred on the side of caution - I'm not quite sure I was ready to take on the mantle of some kind of Flickr-election-martyr.

Polling Station Way In

Still according to some I am taking a gamble with my immortal soul by even voting. If you thought the GMB's beer mat campaign "Go to bed with Charlie...wake up with Howard" was trying to scare you with the possible consequence of voting, you've seen nothing yet.

Go to bed with Charlie...wake up with Howard

The Al Ghurabaa group are, I believe, the people who interrupted the local hustings meeting I went to in Walthamstow the other week. According to our local paper they certainly gave a press conference nearby in the last couple of weeks anyway. Their site not only has a shame list with photographs of nearly every Muslim candidate standing for election today but a banner ad with the catchy promise: "Vote Today - Hellfire Tomorrow"

Don't Vote splash page on the Al Ghurabaa site

Vote Today...Hellfire Tomorrow!

I suspect though, that on balance, having voted today will be the least of my worries should I unexpectedly come to face some sort of ultimate Judgement Day...

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