A guest editor for BBC News

 by Martin Belam, 17 April 2005
"Good news. The first person invited to come along and be this website's editor for the day has agreed.

David McDowell, from Lockerbie in Scotland, has written in a couple of times to suggest I'm a bit of a chump. Few would argue.

He likened me to a particularly private part of the anatomy over my approach to 'by-lines' on the site, and observed last week that David Brent and I had a fair bit in common.

But to his great credit he has agreed to come down on 20 April and help run the site - make suggestions in the editorial meetings, join in the day-to-day decision making and put together an alternative view of what our front page could have looked like that day."

A very open Pete Clifton in his most recent column on the BBC News site not only announces this guest editor initiative, but tackles full-on some of the criticism on the web of the BBC's use of stock photo imagery.

I dread to think what someone would make of shadowing me for the day....

"Now this is the time I catch up on my email. Now this is the time I usually read my Bloglines subscriptions. Then I check to see if there have been any comments on currybetdotnet. This is the time I usually read the Points of View message board to see if anyone has any questions about the website. Great, now I've done all that in ten minutes whilst eating a sandwich at my desk it's time to go back into an endless whirl of meetings. Come on mate. Chop chop. Keep up."

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