Thanks Nick!

 by Martin Belam, 4 March 2005

Who would have thought a photo-sharing application could be such fun...

It all started back on the 22nd of February, when we got a late night sprinkling of snow in Walthamstow. Since my wife lived most of her life in South Africa snow is still something of an exciting and enchanted novelty for her. I'm surprised at this as I would have thought that it only took two winters to realise that in Southern England snow is always an unwelcome visitor that quickly turns to slippery mush and then disrupts all our transport systems, but I digress. We rushed to the garden to take pictures of her in the snow to show to her parents who are currently in warmer climes. Naturally I posted her efforts on Flickr.


We then laughed out loud when we saw cight's homage to currybet. Still, unless there is a snow fall tomorrow, I got the last word ;-)

'Thanks Nick!'

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