Walthamstow West Community Council meeting

 by Martin Belam, 6 September 2004

I got mailed today by Waltham Forest Council to remind me that the next Walthamstow West Community Council is on 6th September 2004 at McEntee School. The mail included as attachments the agenda and supporting papers, and the minutes from the last minute. One black mark though for Waltham Forest's EGovernment is that I couldn't find those documents on their web site. That's a shame, as it makes the community council feel a bit like a closed club. It was only by going last time and writing down my email address that I got on the mailing list this time. Even if there are legal or policy reasons which mean they can't publish the agenda and minutes online, it would be nice if they could provide on lbwf.gov.uk the opportunity to subscribe to email updates about the community council initiative.

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